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Raimondo Winery is a family-owned winery. Our wines are hand-crafted using artisan techniques in small lots from premium California grapes. We specialize in Italian and Iberian wines. In addition to exceptional wines, we offer extra virgin olive oils and premium balsamic vinegars. We invite you to sample our products, take a cooking class, or visit our wine store.

About the Wines
Old World Tradition. New World Style.

“Wine and food are about coming together. It’s about family, friends, ideas, conversation and sharing. I hope you feel our passion and love in every sip of wine and meal.” – Margie Roelands, Winemaker

A Commitment to Quality and Tradition

Raimondo Winery is committed to offering the highest quality wines, extra virgin olive oils, balsamic vinegars, and gourmet specialty foods possible. We specialize in Italian and Iberian wines and products but also carry oils from Australia, Chile and the United States.

Raimondo Wines

At Raimondo Winery, we are passionate about produce wines with true varietal character and are an expression of the soil from which the fruit is grown. Our wines are well balanced with the textures, the colors and aromas that the fruit is eager to share. We strive to achieve the proper balance of oak and tannins to ensure longevity without being overpowering.

We know that quality wine starts with outstanding grapes. We source our grapes from a small group of carefully selected growers with whom we have long-term relationships. We only purchase grapes from sustainable or organic vineyards in the Lodi appellation of California.

About the EVOOs & BVs
Our Commitment

The mission of Raimondo Winery is to provide you with the finest and freshest extra virgin olive oils, aged balsamic vinegars and specialty food. Our products are carefully sourced from award winning small batch producers around the world.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted from the first crush of the olive. The best flavor comes from olives fresh from harvest. By importing extra virgin olive oil from regions in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, our product is always in season. In the Northern Hemisphere, Europe and the Mediterranean, olives are harvested and pressed from September to January. In the Southern Hemisphere, Australia and South America, olives are harvested from May to July.

Olive Oil Tasting Terms

Cooking with Olive Oil

How to Determine Grades of Oil

Premium Balsamic Vinegars – We import superior PGI Certified Balsamic Vinegars from Modena, Italy. The PGI (Protected Geographical Indication), as determined by the European Union, identifies the Balsamic Vinegar as a authentic product of Modena, Italy. Our dark balsamic vinegars are either Four Leaf (highest) or Three Leaf (second highest) quality, the standard of identity ratings as determined by independent associations in Italy.

Important information about Traditional-style Balsamic Vinegar and Other Vinegars

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